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Helen Rose - Hatha and Trauma-Sensitive Yoga.
Helen supports others to develop and sustain their own Hatha yoga practice, as well as partnering with individuals who have experienced trauma to safely reconnect to their bodies with Trauma Center Trauma Sensitive Yoga. Helen’s approach is strengths-based and client-led. She is particularly interested in Yoga’s neurobiological underpinnings and traditional teachings and is passionate about remaining up to date with evidence-based approaches to embodied healing, whilst learning from and remaining grounded in the ancient teachings and practice of Hatha yoga.
To book Helen:
Call 021 434229 email Hatha yoga,
email for Trauma-Informed Trauma Sensitive Yoga.
Trauma-Informed-Trauma-Sensitive Yoga
(TCTSY) supports clients in regulating their central nervous system through movement, breath awareness, self-regulation and self-care practices.  This involves physical movements and shapes however; the central focus is on the client’s internal experience (i.e. what the forms feel like instead of what they look like).
TCTSY is based on the central components of Trauma and Attachment Theory, Neuroscience, and Hatha yoga to create opportunities for participants to cultivate a sense of agency that is often compromised as a result of experiencing trauma.
Introducing yoga in this way supports individuals in making choices with their bodies and noticing what that feels like. This is offered via a specific trauma-informed approach designed to restore the mind-body connection body and to cultivate a felt sense of agency.
Through the process of making choices with one’s body, the client, rather than their yoga facilitator, or therapist is empowered as the authority of their experience. This reorientation, from the external to the internal, can be particularly beneficial as a complementary treatment for complex trauma.
This approach was founded by Dr. Bessel van der Kolk, an internationally recognised leader in the field of psychological trauma. The certification program is supervised by David Emerson, the Director of Yoga Services at the Trauma Center (Boston, MA). 
Helen offers TCTSY groups through ACC sensitive claims. She also offers sessions privately, or in partnership with your therapist or physio as part of an integrated well-being and/or recovery plan. 

Hatha Yoga
Shadow, or Hatha Yoga is a dynamic practice that offers preparatory movements and standing postures to support joint mobility, bone-strengthening, digestion and the release of muscle tension -- incrementally preparing the client’s body, breath and energetic systems for seated asana. Together these movements and shapes can cultivate flexibility, endurance, mental well-being and vital energy flow. 
Shadow Yoga was developed by Shandor Remete and Emma Balnaves and inspired by their extensive studies and practical application of Hatha Yoga, Hatha Yoga anatomy and physiology, Martial Arts and Indian and Chinese energetic systems.
Helen will collaborate with you to meet your specific needs, including injury rehabilitation and/ or support with other pre-existing conditions. Sessions are available privately, or in partnership with other practitioners as part of an integrated well-being and/or recovery plan.

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